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Cable Management - The Design Engineers Application Guide

How do you manage and protect the cables your design requires?

We help you take on the challenges you face with an extensive range of cable management solutions, designed to make your design come to life and last longer. 


While aesthetics matter to the consumer market, cabling solutions also need to be easy to install for efficient production.
Enhance your latest design project with:

Quick-fit grommets – snap neatly and easily into place. Stands up to diverse temperature ranges
Cupped base cable tie holders – saves space while easily coping with high temperatures
Push mount ties – eliminates the need for separate cable holders. Accommodates bundles before or after mounting


Organise your cables and make them easy to access. With cables safely out of the way, you can also prevent accidents and the loss of data.
Give your design smart solutions:

Stand-off twist lock – easy to use and ideal when space is limited
Universal bushings – push-in design easily allows bushing to be assembled into holes that already contain a bundle
Hinged locking clamps – provides strain relief, protecting wires, cables and your product


Weather-proof solutions with guaranteed ingress protection – just what your outdoor enclosure needs to protect your cables and prevent costly repairs.
Protect your design project’s cabling with:

Nylon cable glands – secure cables to your equipment and keep them tidy. Colour choices let you colour code your cables
Cable clamps – Collate cables to keep them in place, neat and secure
Cable ties – tough, high-quality solutions available in a wide range of materials, sizes and colours


The perfect solutions for keeping automotive electrical wires bundled and protected from hot components and sharp edges.
Keep your design’s cables safe and secure with:

Heat-resistant cable ties – cost effective, strong, heat stabilised and flame retardant
Wire saddle – keep wires from tangling and moving around in vehicles
– easy-to-install protection from the sharp edges of unfinished sheet metal that can damage wires
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